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Yoga consists of 8 limbs in a path that takes us closer to our divine nature, while yoga asana is the most popular limb, yoga is akin to a magnificent tree with 8 enormous branches that expand in all directions yet they all share the same root.


If a tree had only one branch, I would think such a tree  would neither have optimal strength nor longevity. The tree wouldn’t get to experience its full potential (or dharma.)

However, if  all, or at least most of the branches of the tree develop, the tree will not only survive great storms, but it will reap fruits, blossoms, or shelter, fulfilling its dharma as a tree. 

While the practice of asana and pranayama brings tremendous benefits for body, mind and soul, the practice of the limbs can provide a way of living that will enrich your life in ways that are beyond imagination 

8 limbs of yoga

Living Yoga 

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