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Sarah Walker

Amor is one of the kindest, gentlest and most patient people I have ever met. I love to coming to all her classes, but yin is especially wonderful. The classes are held in a in a candlelit studio where you feel relaxed the minute you walk in. Yin is slow and gentle, so suitable for all ages and abilities. I float out of the class and always sleep soundly that night. Would totally recommend this class to anyone who wants to find a way of both increasing flexibility and calming the mind.


Leena Istanbuli

Amor, I appreciate every minute you spend on preparation for the yoga sessions and every minute you spend at the sessions themselves. I loved the workshops, never thought I will be able to do many of the postures, however, your words were in my ears "do not say you can't do!". Yoga is a way of life indeed, it changed my way of life. It changed the way I see the world. Your words and sessions play an essential part of it my dear Amor. Your personality have a huge effect on me. With consciousness, I found myself fond of your sessions, they play an essential part of my life. I learnt how to drop everything behind and connect with the "now". I do it naturally, without even forcing myself to be focused at the practice. Your guided meditiaon, the lovely stories, and your amazing connection with all who are around you make the sessions more and more absorbing, fascinating and captivating.


Tor Gilchrist

I LOVE Amor’s classes so much. Amor is everything I would expect a yoga teacher to be and so much more! Her classes are extremely well thought out, you can tell that Amor puts her heart & soul into each & every class. She has a hunger to constantly learn & improve and passes this on to her students. I attend weekly classes and have also participated in a workshop , one to one classes, several yin yoga sessions & even yoga in the park! I always come away from class feeling fantastic, both mentally & physically. Amor is an inspiration in so many ways, I think all her students take away so much more than a physical workout from her classes 🙏🏻❤️


Tracey May

Yoga with Amor is a such a beautiful experience. Upon arrival to her class she greets you with a smile and a hug, the room smells lovely of scented candles and incense, with beautiful music playing in the background. Her calming, beautiful energy can be felt all around the room. Each class is a different level of pure yoga bliss. The way they flow is amazing, working every part of your body mind and soul. She explains everything so well, in such a gentle way. Her classes are excellent class, she is an inspiring, motivating person. I am so grateful to have such a wonderful yoga teacher, I’ve learnt so much from her. I would highly recommend her classes.


Gary Rolfe

Amor brings a fantastic range of classes to Basingstoke. If you are worried about fitting in rest assured this is a really welcoming class that you will fell at ease in. If you are worried about how good you will be then there is a level for you and no one judges if you cannot do anything. This really is the best thing you can do - join one of Amor's classes! Amor runs the class with a great welcoming attitude and gives you the right level of support to help you enjoy and improve.


Georgina Hartwell

Amor is a wonderfully insightful, fresh, inspiring Yoga teacher. I always leave her classes feeling energized with a clear mind. Her knowledge, clear communication and genuine passion for Yoga and her students are always present. I would highly recommend Amor to anyone, from beginner to advanced practitioner.


Louisa Andrews

I joined Amor's classes in January 2017 . I have found her so inspiring and she makes everyone feel welcome and supported. I really enjoy and look forward to each class.


Vedia Osman

The most amazing yoga teacher you could ever hope to meet. A truly wonderful person who creates an environment that feels welcoming for all, of any shape and size. It doesn’t matter your ability, you are there for yourself and it really does not matter to Amor or anyone else. The practise is your experience, you take what you wish from it. The soothing nuggets of wisdom we get are a treat and often you feel they were just meant for you even they they are for all. I feel blessed to have found Amor and the yoga she teaches.


Georgina Blanc

Amor is an amazing energy. I have been fortunate to join her group classes and have private lessons and I recommend both. I'm so grateful to have her guiding me in my yoga!


Rita Melro

I've​ found Amor after a long pause in my yoga practice and after trying different types of yoga and I'm sure I won't stop practicing again! Amor is the kindest soul you'll ever meet, her presence alone will bring peace back into your life... Her classes are amazing, full of energy, challenges and so much love! Her passion is amazing, captivating and inspiring! I'm so grateful to have Amor and her classes in my life!


Kayleigh Howlett

Amor is a wonderfully insightful, fresh, inspiring Yoga teacher. I always leave her classes feeling energized with a clear mind. Her knowledge, clear communication and genuine passion for Yoga and her students are always present. I would highly recommend Amor to anyone, from beginner to advanced practitioner.


Sarah Stevens

Amor is one of the most inspirational, caring, patient and welcoming people I have ever met. So much thought, preparation and dedication goes into her classes and workshops. I have recently been to a workshop where I was able to confidently practice poses and postures I had learned from Amor. So pleased to have her taking classes in my area and can't wait for the next workshop!


Deborah Clark

Amor is young but a very old soul. Yoga lives and flows through her, her strength lies in her softness


Sally Pickwort

Such a genuine and loving lady! The yin classes are such a relaxing, calming experience. Candles, incense and fairy lights make it such a nice environment. Always leave feeling more supple and sleep like a log.


Amy Sharpe

I look forward to Amor's classes every week. Amor greets you with a huge smile and so much warmth even before the class starts and I love how each class has a theme which makes you connect with each posture. She is a wonderful teacher, challenges you physically in a supportive way and encourages everyone equally.


Kate Anderson

Amor is great at building you up. The classes are so calm, you don't realise how hard you are working. I love them!


Doug Clark

I can’t recommend Amor highly enough. She brings such a positive, explorative, and nurturing approach to her practice and classes that provides her students with a truly holistic view of yoga. Amor’s hunger to learn and share her knowledge is both infectious and inspiring. Since practicing with Amor I have challenged both mind and body; exploring areas outside of my comfort zone and becoming more open minded in the process.


Jojo Taylor

I met Amor over a year ago and she introduced yoga into my life for which I am ever grateful. She lives and breathes this passion and eminates her amazing yogi vibes on to all she meets. An amazing teacher and beautiful soul


Michelle young

I attended a class as a complete beginner a few months ago. Amor is a wonderful teacher with all students at all levels. I can honestly say I look forward to the weekly classes and would highly recommend :)


Sammi Bews

I've been attending Amor Yoga classes every week for the past month, Yoga was very vague for me I knew I wanted to find a sport that would relax my mind but strengthen my body, Amor classes do just this she makes you feel welcome and is so humble, what I love most is she takes the time to explain what each pose is doing for your body. If you have not got involved you need too.❤


Katharine Burrow

I am new to yoga and have been doing Amor's classes for roughly 6 weeks now and I really love them. I have seen improvement in myself both mentally and physically since joining the classes, I would recommend for anyone wanting to give yoga a try or one of the more advance classes if you already practice yoga


Kerry Hickman

Wonderfully structured classes, super chilled but challenging at the same time.... Amor easily tailors for all levels in the class as well. 


Emma Joy Reay

I can't recommend these classes enough! Whatever your ability or experience, Amor makes you feel so comfortable and welcome - the hour and a half session absolutely flies by and leaves you feeling so relaxed and like you have a better connection with your body. If you are already fairly sporty, yoga is a fantastic complementary activity as it strengthens your body without putting it under stress, really improves flexibility, and helps you to understand the workings of your body better. The atmosphere in the class is super supportive and the journey you undertake is a personal one - Amor is fantastic at helping you to challenge yourself but also great at reminding you to be pleased with your achievements and your own progress. The venue is nice and spacious, and Amor dresses the room with incense / candles. Whether you want to condition your body or quiet your mind, I would definitely advise you to try a yoga class with Amor - an extremely friendly, kind, generous and knowledgable teacher who is passionate about yoga :) :)


Kerli Hughes

It's taken me over year to write here , every time I start I can't find enough words -right words how much Amor has influenced and given to my life after years not practicing yoga and keep looking the one that feels right for me it was like a arriving home when I found her she is kind and beautiful soul and just pleasure to be around and her glasses reflect every bit of her I love gentle Tuesdays as much as more intense Thursday because as in life everything is and should be in balance and enjoy as it comes can't recommend highly enough


Hayley Spake

I joined Amors class last year and am addicted! I feel so calm and relaxed after each class and feel like I've had a great workout from the routines and sequences - each class is different and carefully thought out. I've definitely noticed my body toning and mind clearing! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Amor - she teaches to each ability in the class, offering simpler challenges or more challenging postures for more experienced Yogis, she will correct you to ensure you are holding the postures to maximise your session all whilst gently and warmly guiding you through the class. The energy is great in these supportive and fun classes! Thanks Amor :)

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