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  • Where are you located? Chute Recreation Ground, Sherborne St. John, Basingstoke
    All Regular Classes are at the Chute Recreation Grounds in Sherborne St John 11-15 Vyne Rd, Sherborne St John, Basingstoke RG24 9HX Once you get there, it will look like the image below, drive through, park your car/bike and walk through the entry, you will see the pavilion in front of you =)
  • Where are your events held?
    All events held once monthly are at the beautiful Lychpit Village Hall Great Binfields Rd, Lychpit, Basingstoke RG24 8TF, it is useful to type "Lychpit Village Hall Parking lot, Higher Mead' on google and it will take you directly to the parking area shown below. Then follow the staircase to find the entrance to the studio on your left hand side.
  • Do I need to be flexible to join a yoga class?
    Many people think that they already need to be flexible to join a yoga class, but truth is that increased flexibility is a side effect of a regular practice, not a prerequisite! People from all walks of life and in very different physical conditions join my classes and there's a class and style of yoga suitable for everyone
  • I have never done yoga before, which class should I join?"
    If it's the first time you will practice yoga, I would recommend starting with my beginners's gentle flow which is a mixture of different styles of yoga and in which postures; their alignment and benefits are explained in more detail and where particular attention is given to breath and foundation.
  • If I'm new to yoga, can I join a Vinyasa class?"
    If you're new to yoga, I would recommend starting from foundations and basics of yoga. In a yoga practice, one of the most important aspects is to connect to your breath and in a faster-paced flow, breath can become shortened and unless you are quite an active person, you might feel out of breath and can feel a bit lost in the flow. I believe that to make the most of a vinyasa flow practice, you should at least have a year of frequent practice in any style of yoga, however if you enjoy a challenge, you could give class a go and see how you feel
  • Can I join a yoga class being pregnant?
    Pregnancy can be quite delicate and I would not recommend it. There are pregnancy yoga classes that would be more beneficial and appropriate for expecting mums than a general group class.
  • If I suffer from back pain, will yoga help me heal?"
    It depends. Yes, yoga can help with many body and mind ailments but it really depends on the condition that you have. Some common causes of lower back pain are herniated disc and piriformis syndrome. If you suffer from herniated disc, and join a "normal" yoga class where you do lots of forward folds and where you might round the spine as you fold could actually aggravate your condition. If you suffer from piriformis syndrome, doing twists too deeply could also aggravate your condition, even though there are many postures that will help the condition, there are also others that can make it worse if they are not done with awareness. It is really important that you communicate your condition so I can give you individual instructions
  • Can I eat before class?
    Ideally come to class on an empty stomach, as food in your stomach can disrupt the flow of energy and in certain postures leave you with a feeling of heaviness or nausea. It is recommended not to have heavy meals at least two hours before class. You can drink juice or eat fruits up to 1 hour before class
  • What sort of mat should I get?
    A good mat for yoga is neither too thick nor too thin, around 5mm is a good thickness. Choose a mat that is appropriate for the size of your body. If you are close to 6ft tall or taller, you'll want a longer mat. The standard yoga mat length is 68″ inches long. Long mats are 72″ or 74″. Then you also want to check its grip. If you are the type of person who sweats a lot, maybe a sticky towel on top of your mat would be a good idea, some people use liquid chalk on their hands to prevent slipping. Some well known brands for quality yoga mats are Liforme and Yogi Bare yoga mats, though you can also find some well priced mats at TKmaxx if you are lucky =)
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