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Honour your Truth

Know your truth, accept it and honour it.

How do we know what is our truth?

To me, my truth feels light, it feels spacious and it gives me a sense of ease and serenity, and everything that is not in alignment with my truth, feels heavy and forced, it comes accompanied by a feeling of reluctance and unease

Once you know your truth, embrace it

Truth is individual to each one of us, nobody can tell you what your truth is, you feel it, you create it and choose what to do with it. What might be considered as true to me, might not feel true for someone else. But we can agree that we do notice when something just feels right. Truth vibrates in us. It feels as if you had known it all along as it resonates in your heart when you hear it, like a thought your had forgotten and just remembered.

So many times, when something doesn't quite feel "right" and we don't really want to do it, we do it to make others happy, saying yes to everyone's requests putting our own desires in standby. For some of us, it's so hard saying no, we want to help, we want to serve, and the word "no" even sounds harsh!

I used to think it was selfish to think of myself and not of what others needed, but really, as a yoga teacher, I was saying yes to all of these classes apart from working a normal job until I felt exhausted, and felt that there was not much else to offer and give to my students. If we get out of balance, eventually people and things around us can be affected by this, we cannot pour water in someone else's cup if ours is empty, right? As, to truly be able to help others, we need to be in a good place within ourselves. Nourished, serene. When we are more at peace and at ease with ourselves, the capacity to be there for others who need it increases, it has more power and its fuelled by love and energy

So honour your truth! If something doesn't feel right, there's no need to do it.

Even if it doesn't meet other people's expectations and pleases everyone around you.

Know your truth and honour it. When you commit to consistency rather than your truth, you will lack the sparkle that makes you shine in what you do, dimming your inner light that will help you light your and other's other's people paths

Saying no takes courage, confidence and self knowledge, I now think it's even healthy! How can I give love/energy/kindness to others if it's not first in myself? Listen to your truth, accept it, and honour it ❤

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