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YINtrospection: Lessons from a staple

If a staple was piercing beneath your skin, would you want it in or out?

On a recent visit to my physiotherapist, she realised that my shin surgery left me with a surgical staple buried under the skin and, even though it does not hurt, I can see it making its way to the surface, and while practicing yin yoga this made me think of how THERE IS A PURPOSE FOR EVERYTHING IN OUR LIVES, AND ONCE THE PURPOSE HAS BEEN ACCOMPLISHED, WE MUST CREATE ROOM SO THAT WHAT IS NO LONGER ESSENTIAL FOR US CAN MAKE ITS WAY OUT… ONLY THEN, HEALING CAN OCCUR

The staple was necessary to stitch up my skin, it helped it heal as it was intended to. The staple was needed for a period of time. Once the job is done, the body knows that the staple doesn’t belong there so it rejects it and pushes it to the surface so it can be expelled. Whether what’s under the skin stays in or makes its way out, it will bring up some discomfort and we either choose to live with it for life, or let it have its expiry date on its way through

This staple has been under my skin for almost two months and it only started to show itself recently. In moments of quietude, stillness or even boredom one is more able to notice what lies beneath the surface such as a hard staple in the form of emotions, memories, etc. which usually go unnoticed due to distractions or avoidance behaviours that help us cope. We might spend months, years or decades living with a “staple” that pierces from within without being aware of it, but we know that something hurts or causes disharmony in us and/or our relationships, unable to see it for what it is, we get upset by anything or anyone who touches this wound. This self enquiry is an important part of yoga, Svadhyaya (one of the Niyamas in the 8-limbed path), the study of the Self where one is able to see what is more clearly and in turn, make choices with greater discernment.

We all, in one way or another, carry a staple within, whether we are conscious of it or not, we all have something that is deeply sensitive or vulnerable, so much so that we find coping mechanisms that prevent us from remembering that the staple is there

Are you aware of what your staple is?
Is there any memory or emotion (resentment, guilt, blame, shame, fear, anger, etc.) that you (consciously or unconsciously) carry inside, thus prevent it from fulfilling its expiry date?

It is human to feel that, if we allow ourselves to experience these memories or emotions, it may be too much for us to cope, and it might as well be, temporarily. As you get to know yourself on the way through, you will emerge as a freer more empowered you

Our thoughts about what happens can often hurt us way more than what actually happens (or happened) so once we feel the ‘staple’ making its way to the periphery, we must trust in its ripeness and allow the space and presence for it to be seen, heard, felt and eventually let out. When we face our inner world, what disturbs us, will cease to trouble us and necessary healing will take place <3

In yoga with love,

Amor Armitage


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