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Grateful things didn't work

In 2014, I was living in New Zealand, looking for a for a job there, and there was a particular place I wanted to work at (for convenience mainly). I did a training and trial to work there and after half an hour of trial, I was told that they had made their decision and t wasn't me who they would take, I thought that there was something wrong with me, (in the same way I had this thought every time a relationship didn't work out as I wanted!)

Then, a few days later I was just cruising around Auckland and came across this shop that was so colourful and inviting that I stepped in and started to chat to one of the shop assistants, she was really nice and told me they needed someone to work there, so I met the owner and really connected to her, her husband and all the staff. I started working there and I literally met the most amazing bunch people who are now some of my best friends, including my bosses! I had an incredible time in New Zealand; working in the most uplifting mellow atmosphere, laughing, loving each moment, meeting amazing people who are now lifetime friends, attending yoga every day, and just feeling joyous for how things turned out to Be

I can't imagine a better outcome or what could have happen if I had gotten the job I thought I wanted, or if the old relationships I had did not end and had indeed worked out! I wouldn't have experienced the same amazingness that I experienced thanks to the fact that things actually did not go the way I wanted! There is so much perfection in the universe, we just need to trust it

One of the friends I met in the shop was quite a compassionate person, lover of the Earth and animals and I decided to move in with her, she was vegan and my partner Chase had recently decided to go vegan too (he was living on the other side of the world at that time), and I knew it was the perfect time for me to do it too, I had thought about it before but I wasn't ready to take the step. There are people who enter your life and they bring with them lessons on love, faith, trust, compassion and kindness. It's always a great thing to look around us, and ask to ourselves, what can I learn from this person or situation? Life always sends the right people, at exactly the right time, and the right time is not exactly when we want it but when we are ready for it.

Two years ago, I married the man of my dreams and my friend crossed a continent to be my bridesmaid =) I now silently smile with complete trust to everything the universe brings my way, I can see the bigger picture, even the beautiful relationship that brought me to live in the U.K feels like a small piece of a puzzle, as I find myself serving my higher purpose which is what put so many of you yoginis and yogis on my way ❤

"God does not play dice with the universe." Albert Einstein

There's a master plan for everything to be exactly as it is, everything in life has a purpose, there are no mistakes and the universe knows best; directing us in the path we are meant to take

When I look back to everything that has happened in my life, I see the perfection of every single experience I had, why things went the way they did and some things didn't go as I wanted them to... the whole universe wanted me to experience the fullness of life, of love and most importantly of my Self ❤

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