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Family Tree ~ Our Inherited Baggage

During 2018, I realised that I was experiencing some conditions that were a call for attention so I started a search for answers and underwent many therapies in which I found some really interesting things that I wanted to share with you. The therapies I had were many and in this blog post, I will only share one of them, so this doesn't turn into a book hehe not yet anyways!

One of my friends recommended a Colombian therapist who works with family trees, I wasn't too sure what to expect before the session but it actually blew me away, and it was so interesting to learn about it since essentially, the family tree has a powerful and major imprint on our lives

"Your wound is probably not your fault, but your healing is your responsibility"

This family tree has to do with what we inherit from our ancestors/lineage in the form of emotions, physical conditions and even choices .

Within ourselves, we have a fragment of 14 direct ancestors

2 parents, 4 grandparents, and 8 great-grandparents (whether we have met them or not)

It is said that at times, when loved ones leave their bodies, their Essence/Spirit/ Soul wants to continue their lives/story through us, so that we can either fulfil unaccomplished dreams or change something that they didn't have the chance to change in their lives.

Of those 14 direct ancestors, we might have what is called "perfect doubles" who are those in the family with whom we share certain things in common and the strong universal/magnetic pull that connects us with them is one that somehow gives us the opportunity to continue or repair the processes they they didn't get to complete.

How to identify your "doubles"?

1. Name: If your name is the same as one of your family members , that makes you a direct double

2. Date of Birth or Death: For this, there's a time frame that starts 10 days before your date of birth (no year involved) and 10 days after your birthday, anyone who is born or passes away within that time period, becomes your "double." For example, if your grandpa disincarnates on the day of your birthday, or the day you are born or within that time frame, it makes you their "universal heir" and practically, you take everything (non-material) that will lead their lives in a certain way, that can include her dreams, aspirations, desires and rejections.

3. Double by profession: If a person from your family does the same job or has the same role as you in this moment.

4. Double by disease: If you have the same ailment, disease or condition that someone in your family. This is believed to be about loyalty to the family clan (both consciously and unconsciously.)

5. Double by event: This is about repeating similar patterns than the ones previously lived by a member or many members of the family. e.g, most (if not all) women in my family are single mums, or if someone in my family loses a child, etc

To work out who your doubles are or the ones that are connected to you beyond the clear family bonds, there is a time frame which is 10 days before your birthday and 10 days after which includes all the different categories.

Let's say, I am born on the 7th of August

- 28th of July - 17th of August: Anyone in my family tree who is born within this time frame is my "perfect double"

If you happen to join a person in partnership with whom you are perfect doubles with, it is said that you two get together to heal incest that has happened in our family tree, so you two are almost (energetically) "siblings" which can bring certain complexities to the relationship as it would have when it happened in the past, unless healing happens.

- Add 3 months to that time frame to you get your "pure double" (you copy or take information from them)

28th October - 17th November

- Add 6 months to that time frame to work out who are "Your teachers" who come here to show you and teach you big lessons in life

28th January- 17th February

To me, it was really powerful to actually do this family tree, since I realised that there were so many connections that gave me insights into my ways and provided answers to what I was looking for.

If you would like to do your own family tree and find your connections, this is how it looks like =)

The most relevant aspect of doing this family tree is to work on healing it (most need some sort of healing) and for that, we need to:

1) Recognise/Acknowledge them: Mother, father, grandparents, great-grandparents even if I didn't meet them because they are in us, they live in our biology, we are here thanks to them.

If there has been someone in our family tree who has been excluded in any way, someone along the line will come to rock the tree and this will be noticeable as they come here to be noticed, to make a change in the views of what can be seen as unaccepted in the eyes of the norm or society. For example, if there was someone in the family who was an alcoholic/drug addict/criminal or someone who simply didn't follow what the family expected of him or her, like education or even marrying someone they despised, and who then was rejected and casted off from all ties with the family, eventually will create a ripple effect to the family tree which, in order to evolve, will experience a similar experience for healing to happen, so someone can be slightly different than the norm, such as LGBT where acceptance and understanding is required and developed in the family.

2) Accept them: There might be some of them that we we don't truly accept due to certain circumstances that affected the way we feel about them or because we don't get along or understand us. They all need to be accepted just as they are just as we want to be accepted as we are.

3) To acknowledge their place within the tree: At times, there might be hierarchy issues within families that shift the roles, thus affecting the universal balance. Let's say, your mum becomes a a single parent due to any circumstance, and you take the role of caring, supporting, and providing for her, the signal that is given out to the universe is that you are in a relationship with her, as if you were her husband (even if you are female.) So if you then find a a partner and start a relationship, that relationship might not be too successful as in the universal field, you are already in partnership with someone else, which makes your existent partner appear as "single" because that's the information that is being provided to the universe. When this happens, even intimacy gets damaged and there is a big chance that that couple is unfaithful because energetically, s/he is "single" and this can (subconsciously) be perceived by women out there. This causes a disorganisation in the tree, whether I become my mum's "mum", my husband's "mum", etc. Organisation is very important as there is a role for every single one of us

These are the 3 steps for healing the tree and our lineage and of course, there's so much more to this, I am only sharing what I learnt during my sessions with Patricia, an amazing therapist from Colombia, she only speaks Spanish unfortunately, otherwise I would be sharing her info as by healing the tree, we are able to heal ourselves and vice versa =)

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