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Lessons from an utensil jar

A few days ago, I decided to buy a utensil jar since my utensils were all over the place and I love a bit of organisation.

So, I got one I saw in the supermarket and then I got home, I opened the tea cupboard to make a tea and I saw what could have been the perfect utensil jar! I had tea bags in it so I must have thought I didn’t have one, simply because I was using it for a different purpose.

This jar has potential to be a utensil jar too, though I did not notice that as I did not look for the jar I needed in my kitchen but outside of my house.

Our perception about things either limits or enhances the purpose and usefulness of it. There are so many things in our house or people in our lives that we se through a filter of what they have been that makes us unable to see what they

can be and become.

Most things and people can be reinvented, including ourselves. And just because there has been consistency over a “quality of being”, it does not mean that that is all you can ever envision from them.

Instead of developing expectations about something or someone just because that’s what we know from them, we give room for them to be, and in that space, there could be an emergence of something or someone even greater, aligned with their current stage of their lives.

I suffered from endometriosis for many years of my life, then I was given the diagnosis of P.O.I (Premature ovarian insufficiency) which led to an early menopause. The truth is that I am still getting to know myself in this phase of life, I surprise myself with the onset of emotions and states I find myself in. This has led me to dive even deeper in the studies of Traditional Chines Medicine and also Menopause, hormones and healing.

I have a few symptoms that can be both from menopause or the accident I had. I am learning from it all and that is why, 8 months after the accident, I have not yet returned to teach full time. Adaptation takes a while…

For many of us women, it is not easy to go through these life-transitions, we will all go through them, just at different times! And I write this as you might know or be a woman experiencing a transitional state in your/their life (Menarche - Monthly cycles - Pre menopause - Peri menopause - Menopause - Post menopause - Second Spring.) We all want to Be - feel the same we did at our best times, but the reality is that we are cyclical, we shift and change and so does our energy, our moods and ourselves, and by comparing ourselves to anything or anyone else is not useful, but working towards creating balance in ourselves is. Balance arises out of being in touch with how we feel, how/what we think and who we are being.

So we may remain curious about those aspects of ourselves we don't yet know, so that we remain fluid like a stream finding many paths of becoming and like the loving Maya Angelou puts it "I am whole and complete but I am not yet finished"

May you allow yourself the expanse to re-invent yourself with no expectations and with deeper self-knowledge and trust that you are more than you could ever imagine. Let go of limiting views/concepts about yourself, people around you and even the things you have at home =) so that you grant them the opportunity to serve a meaningful purpose.

Questions to meditate on:

- There’s a possibility we have all we need in our hOMe, but do we actually know all that’s tHERE?

- Is there anything I am looking for? Is what I am looking for here, instead of there?

- Is there any chance that what I want is something I already have? (As a feeling waiting to be ignited by that something)

With so much love,

Amor Armitage


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