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My favourite quotes from "The Four Insights"

I love reading and highlighting the parts that resonate most in my heart, in my classes I love to share insights about life, love, yogic philosophy, energy and everything that excites me =)

Here, I have selected some of the quotes I liked the most in the book "The Four Insight" by Alberto Villoldo in case you would like to read them and get a feeling of what the book is about and I've also added some photos my partner and I have taken around the world<3

Hope you enjoy it!

~ ♥ ~

"We recognise that everything in our world is sacred, including us, and our job is to foster the fullest expression of that divinity."

"When we don’t perceive our journey as sacred, we become mired at the level of the mind and its complicated analysis of the world."

"There is no time, so we can change things before they come into existence. We can dream our world into being before energy ever acquires physical form."

"The healing you need may not be just the mending of your body but also of your soul, which longs to experience the lessons it came to learn on this Earth"

"Experience your oneness with the Divine and all of creation, beyond boundaries of space and time."

"Heaven is within and without-inside us, above us, below us, and all around us."

"We must realign ourselves with nature and come back into balance, and then our natural health will return. "

"To practice non-attachment, we let go of the roles we’ve bought into and the labels we’ve stuck to ourselves. While our stories can be far more interesting and productive for us than the old ones were, our goal is to stop identifying with any story whatsoever. We then become self-referencing, that is, we no longer need a fable to define or discover who we are. When we shed all of our stories, with their limiting roles and confining entities, and become a mystery into ourselves, we’re practicing non-attachment.

~ ♥ ~

"Beaty before me, beauty behind me, beauty all around me."

"Love is not a feeling or something you barter with. Love is the essence of who you are, and it radiates from you as a brilliant aura: you become love"

"We practice non doing by immersing ourselves in the flow of the universe, receiving and working with the opportunities it presents to us rather than struggling to get everyone and everything to go along with our plans. "

"Non doing means that rather than pushing and battling, we live in the light of love, creativity and possibility; and we allow things to unfold as we surrender to the intelligence of the universe, trusting in its benevolence and abundance. Then, we stop thinking of what we ought to be doing and simply start present to what is happening, we end up being far more productive and creative. "

~ "Once you’ve made a choice, practice certainty." ~

"We actually generate the life we live in. We dream the world into being... You are the author of the epic poem of your life, rather than an unwitting participant in the events occurring around you.You must enter into the stillness of your soul, crafting a vision of what you want your world to be, whether it’s an image of your own life or that of everyone on the planet."

"Once we start seeing things from a higher perspective, we can see beyond problems to opportunities, and potential for growth."

"Wherever you go, there you are. You must bring the energy of your beliefs, your mental state, and your emotions into every circumstance, and the universe responds by meeting your expectations. There is no subjective reality, because your prophecies are all self-fulfilling. "

"We know that although we can change the dream. Everything is just as it’s supposed to be because we feel ourselves at one with spirit, whose dream is always perfect exactly as it is."

"Everything you experience is a projection of your inner landscape, or dream. This means that nothing ever happens to you and no one ever does anything to you. Since you’re the creator of each event and incident in your life. So, if you want to transform some circumstance that appears to be outside of yourself, you just need to own it and change it within."

"...We merge with this river of vibration and light, becoming its tides, and bursts of orange and yellow that are suns not yet born pulsate within us. Then our will and that of Spirit are one, and ‘“may Thy will be done” requires a new significance. We change our energetic vibration and attract to us and others that which vibrates in a similarly divine manner."

~ ~ ~

"Our egos don’t want us to believe that we have infinite power by immersing ourselves in the wisdom of the universe, but it’s true..."

"The body, not the mind, is the subconscious mind, and it communicates via neuropeptides, which are molecules that are produced by every thought we have. "

"I am not my thoughts, I simply have them, in the same way I’m not my car, my house, my clothes…"

"Take a deep breath and witness once again the flurry of thoughts that race through the empty sky of your awareness. Don’t try to control them, because this is when the mind appears, eager to “solve” all the problems it can. The mind thrives on conflict: when you stop the one within you, the mind disappears, thoughts melt away, and only the sage remains."

"If you want to change a situation, you have to start by accepting it as it is. You recognise that this moment is perfect, and then you can change anything you want....Whatever we observe, we alter in the seeing. But to change it, we must first recognise that we are seeing a reflection of our hidden selves in others."

"It’s not our darkness that we fear most, it is our light"

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