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Becoming Supernatural

A few weeks ago, I attended a workshop in London called Becoming Supernatural, led by Dr. Joe Dispenza. What was said in the workshop made so much sense to me that I started reading the book right away and it's blown me away!

First of all, I saw Dr. Joe Dispenza on a documentary called "Heal" and became fascinated with the idea that we have infinite potential for healing absolutely anything and achieve as much health, wealth, love, peace, harmony or anything we desire. In this documentary, Joe talks about an accident he had during a triathlon where he gets run over by a car, he is then taken to hospital where he is told he broke six vertebrae and had bone fragments on his spinal cord. He was told that he would probably never walk again. He made the huge decision of opting out of surgery and instead went back home with the conviction of using his mind to heal his body. He says "The power that made the body, heals the body." He meditated for two hours twice a day and created a picture of a healthy healed spine and over the course of 11 weeks, he was walking again and living a normal life without any surgery.

I've always believed that we overthink and that this is the main cause of any "dis"ease and I truly resonated with Dr. Joe Dispenza's teachings. During the workshop I attended, he spoke about what gets in the way of us tapping into this quantum field of infinite possibilities and unsurprisingly, it is our own thoughts and belief that prevent us from living a healthier, wealthier, happier, calmer and more fulfilled reality.

All of us think and infinite amount of thoughts a day, many of (if not all) these thoughts are either from the past or future, and they carry a certain degree of conditioning from our environment, gender, race, family, etc. When this happens and our day by day go by without us changing anything in our lives or the way we live our lives, we cannot expect to get any different reality than the one we are used to, since our minds know who we are, and this "knowing" prevents us from becoming someone else who is healthier, more successful, calmer, more fulfilled...

From the moment we start to become someone and we adopt a personality, we create a personal reality. And this personal reality will attract more of the same, depending on the state or frequency we are in. If you have been someone who suffered a lot as a child or has had traumatic experiences, during the time you experienced those emotions, there were chemicals being released in your body, and sometimes, the emotions that this body chemistry produce become so familiar to us, that we unconsciously want to continue attracting them, as it is a known feeling, and even though is tough to take responsibility for the unpleasant experiences we attract into our lives, it might be that we are so used to the feeling of sadness, suffering, victimisation, etc, that we actually crave situations that give us more of the same...this sounds insane but can you think of something that you have been unconsciously calling in to your life with the quality of the thoughts you think, what you say or with what you do?

If we live feeling the same familiar emotions of the past, even if there is nothing in our lives that is causing those emotions, our bodies believe it's in the same environmental conditions and those feelings will influence us to make the same choices, which will lead to the same habits that then create the same experiences which will lead to the same emotions over and over again.

So, how do we break the thought patterns and get out of the mental program? "We need to get beyond who we think we are, and the way we have been conditioned to believe this world works . We have to get out of our own way, transcending the memory of ourselves as an identity , and allow something greater than ourselves, something mystical, to take over" Otherwise it is not possible to create a new life, a new destiny.

He asks us to "think of emotions as the chemical residue from past experiences - or chemical feedback. The stronger the emotional quotient from an event in your life, the more experience leaves a lasting impression in your brain; that's how long-term memories are formed... The more you repeat a thought, choice, behaviour, experience or emotion, the more those neurons fire and wire together and the more they will sustain a long-term relationship..."

"If we are not in the present moment, we are in a program" Sometimes when I meditate is just like watching a TV program, I see myself as the spectator and then thoughts, images, flashbacks, etc come to me and especially during practices that require our attention, we can see the programming, the kind of thoughts we have and how we can get so lost in these thoughts that we forget who is driving the vehicle, the mind can become the master if unobserved, and if every thought is generating emotions and chemistry in our bodies which translate into energy, the energy that we are generating will be scattered and incoherent. And the only way we can change our lives, is to change our energy; the electromagnetic field we are constantly broadcasting. In other words, to change our state of being, we have to change how we think and how we feel."

So, in order to change our lives, we need not to stop thinking thoughts, but rather to consciously think of our desired reality accompanied by elevated thoughts that bring in emotions such as love, gratitude, peace, wholeness. "We can change the brain, as well as the body by thought alone." He says that noBody is too special to not be able to do this, but as well as everything worth having, it takes constant effort and practice.

We all want to improve the way we live and feel, or heal a disease or a condition, but how may of us are really willing to do the work really? Are we willing to meditate every single day and try visualise our ideal health, state of being, country, house, job, etcetera with as much detail as we can so that we can feel the emotions before they become manifest, so that our bodies and minds are ready in every aspect for when this moment comes? It doesn't sound like a hard task, but would we be willing to do this when we are tired, busy, or whatever else that might get in the way? Would we be willing to do this at 4am? Then we are like hmmm, it's like the quote "Everybody wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die"

If you are the kind of person that needs scientific facts, he asks us to "think of the body as a finely tuned instrument that produces proteins. Every one of our cells (except red blood cells) makes proteins, which are responsible for the body's physical structure and physiological function.There isn't an organ or system in the body that doesn't rely on or produce proteins. they are a vital part of our immune system, digestion, cellular repair, and bone and muscle structure. In a very real way, then, the expression of proteins is the expression of life and is equal to the health of the body. In order for a cell to make a protein, a gene must be expressed. when a signal from the environment outside of the cell reaches the cell membrane, the chemical is accepted by a receptor outside of the cell and makes its way to the DNA inside the cell. Then a gene makes a new protein that's equal to that signal . So, if the information coming from outside of the cell does not change, the gene keeps making the same protein and the body stays the same. Overtime, the gene will begin to down-regulate."

"When we change our emotions, we can change the expression of our genes (turning some on and others off) because we are sending a new chemical signal to our DNA, which can then instruct our genes to make different proteins-up-regulating ow down-regulating to make all kinds of new building blocks that can change the structure and functioning of your body."

During one of the workshops, studies were done on meditators to find out what happens to the immune system when they meditate and move into an elevated state such as love, joy, inspiration, or gratitude for 9 to 10 minutes three times a day for four days. The results showed that the meditators bodies believed that they were in a new environment, which helped up-regulate their genes and make new healthy proteins to strengthen their internal defense system. As we reduce our survival emotions and minimise the need for our external protection system, we down-regulate genes for the production of stress hormones. In the research, it was noticed that immunoglobulin A (IgA), a protein marker for the strength of the immune system, raised while cortisol (the stress hormone) decreased."

If you would like to try this meditation, do the following

1) Think about a potential experience you would like to have

2) Once you have the experience you want to create, assign a capital letter to it and then write that letter down on a piece of paper. Think of the letter as a symbol that represents that specific possibility in your life (the act of writing solidifies that you want it.) For example, if what you want is a great job, write letter J, if it's health, write H, etc

3) Then draw two squiggly circular lines around the letter to represent the electromagnetic field you need to generate around your body to match the potential in the quantum field of possibilities.

4) Assign some meaning to that letter so you can get even clearer about your intention. think of some specific refinements of what you want and list at least four of them (do not mention a time frame)

For example, depending on your intention, you list might be like this:

* Making £20,000 a year more than I'm making now

* Having great health and feel my body as ease

*Travelling all over the world on a generous expense account

*Making a difference in the world

5) Now, on the same piece of paper, write down the emotions you will feel when that imagined experience happens. You might write:

* Whole

* Empowered

* Grateful

* Free

* In love with life

Teach your body emotionally what the future is going to feel like before it happens. When you are thankful of feel appreciation, you are in the ultimate state to receive. When you embrace gratitude, your body, as the unconscious mind will begin to believe it is actually experiencing/living in that future reality in this present moment, and when there is a vibrational match between your energy and that potential, the new event/reality/life is going to find you.

We are all invited to plan the seed in the infinite field of possibilities and though this requires a conscious effort of our part, the possibility of our dreams manifesting makes the try well worth it =)

If you would like to listen to a guided meditation which can help you then to practice the steps above, here's a link to one

I really recommend reading this book, it's a big one but it's a good one worth checking, you can find more info on his website clicking here

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