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Kintsugi- Turning Our Brokenness Into Gold

There’s an art in Japan called kintsugi where broken objects are pieced together with gold to expand their life and to make them not only useful but beautiful again

This repair system doesn’t try to hide the broken parts but highlights them. Fixing something with gold means that even though something has been broken, there’s a resilience to it, making it even more valuable than it was before the accident that broke it.

The value of it increases not in spite of its brokenness, but because of it and the long process, the arduous work it took to repair it.

What if we consider being broken (inside or outside) as an opportunity for deep transformation? To perhaps transform into something even greater than we were before?

Whatever needs our attention holds wisdom, this is where the gold is

Ask the brokeness, pain or wound what it needs. Place your hands over it and wait for an answer. If nothing comes, keep (internally) asking 'what do you need from me?'

Breathe mindfully into any crevices that need you compassionate attention

May love be the gold that heals us


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