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You Are A Miracle

On Saturday 17th December, during a holiday with my husband in the beautiful island of Cozumel, I had an accident that changed my life drastically, its affects are so deep that I’m still digesting it all… however, I viscerally feel that BEING ALIVE IS A MIRACLE

On Saturday 17th of december 2022 , I was snorkelling and free diving with some new friends and Chase, my husband. They were all were scuba diving; it was a truly magical time in the ocean, we saw some gorgeous sting rays, reef sharks and a big sea turtle, besides colourful and unique schools of fish, fish of all types and sizes, just wonderful to see… then, we were taken to a shallow reef and after a short session, I felt a bit cold and decided to head to the boat to warm up.

This is the last image of me as you knew me...

I swam to the boat’s ladder, there was music playing in the boat and the captain was not looking in my direction. When I hold onto the ladder, I take out one fin, the captain of the boat doesn’t see me, I suddenly realise the boat has started moving and I’m unable to say anything, words just didn't come out as fear freezed me

Everything seems to slow down as I feel the boats' propeller hitting my abdomen, genitals and legs, my body feels heavy and I see the boat moving away from me, out of my gut comes a visceral scream, asking for help, the captain sees me but I know I have to swim towards the boat, so with cuts all over my body I managed to swim to the ladder once again

He tells me I have to go up the ladder, I looked down and see my insides out, I feel there's no chance I can pull myself up alone...

God must have been holding me (through the surge of stress hormones) that helped me push myself up to the boat while my leg feels broken, my body feels mutilated and I feel a pain that is out of this world… Once I manage to pull myself up, the captain helps place my body on the floor and I start trembling, he calls the scuba team and Chase arrives

He realises what has happened and his words and love keep my alive on the journey to hospital... I truly feel for him since only a few days before the accident, while in Cozumel, I spoke to him about death, which I know is a subject nobody wants to talk about but I felt the need to speak about it openly and say what I'd like him to do when it's time for me to go (intuition spoke)

He did his best to keep me with him and I truly feel that if it wasn't for my angel Chase, I would not be here today

Miracles Abound

🤍 I’m quite slim and got a few cuts in my abdominal area; the cuts are deep, but they didn’t reach or touch any of my organs.

🤍 It seems that during the accident, I got a blood clot in my femoral artery which prevented me from losing too much blood both during transport to the hospital, and during surgery. Without it, I would have lost a lot of blood.

🤍 The femoral artery is one of the most important arteries as it the main arterial supply to the thigh and leg; without blood supply to the leg, a person could not keep the limb alive if the time without supply exceeds 24 hours, and since I had a blood clot for over a day, I am very fortunate to have had an extra artery supporting the femoral one, and allowed blood to circulate to the whole leg and foot, it seems that not everyone has this artery, so doctors were really happy and so am I.

🤍 I am and have been surrounded by angels that are looking after me and my family.

Our bodies are truly miraculous, from the moment of conception to the growth from embryo to baby, adolescent, adult, elder.... to the interconnectedness of all of our bodily systems , to the process of movement where we don't even have to think about grabbing a glass to be able to simply reach for it, grab it and drink what's in it, to the process of healing that is natural and occurs as soon as the body recognises the need for it, it's all a miracle, you are a miracle, being able to read this is a miracle, your beauty, and light is as much of a miracle as it's your poop and sweat. No matter what we are going through, my wish is that you are more and more able to see the miracles in your day, so that you don't get too caught in searching for them outside this moment as I have done. Life gave me another chance and this chance is rich in appreciation for the little, simple yet wondrous treats of a human experience

On the day of arrival to hospital , I receive a surgery to keep me alive that lasted over 4 hours, surgeons working on the uncountable cuts around the legs, left tibia and knee, where my quads, tendons and tibial bone were sliced, and part of my inner thigh completely scrambled.

Another surgeon, Dr. Noelia who’s been my main doctor and true angel took care of my abdomen and genital area, and also right leg injuries. After the long surgery, the complications were high as risk of infection was a huge concern. I was considered high risk.

The angel who kept me alive, Chase Armitage

18th Dec.

I feel extremely weak. Another blood transfusion, anticoagulants, antibiotics and analgesics throughout the day and night.

I see most of my body covered in bandages, from waist to feet, I’m told surgery went well and accomplished the job of keeping me alive, but another surgery was needed for the femoral artery as 5 centimetres of it were clogged so a doctor from Cancun had to come to the island to perform the surgery.

19th Dec.

A cardiologist surgeon who specialises in arteries and veins arrives and surgery starts, the goal is to remove the blood clot, it seems to go well.

After a few hours, I’m all swollen, I get taquicardia, start sweating and shaking, very scared and high temperature. I'm taken to I.C.U. The cardiologist had already left and is asked to come back, all the way back from Cancun. It seems that I had internal bleeding which required another surgery. On the second surgery, they tell me doctor has two options, one is to stitch up the artery to prevent bleeding, the other is to replace the left femoral artery with a vein (from right leg) and this is something they will need to decide whilst surgery is happening. At the end I had to get a bypass.

I am writing this on the 29th of December 2022, I am still on antibiotics, pain killers, and a whole lot of medication, I am out of I.C.U, I have had 10 blood transfusions as my hemoglobin levels were quite low, Chase tells me the transfusions have been an upgrade to Mayan blood hehe I'll take that as 70% of my ancestors were from Central America and Mexico has always felt like home to me.

I am stable yet still considered high risk. I experience pain daily and my left leg still doesn't move/respond fully, my toes have gained a little bit more responsiveness and this makes me extremely happy. My mum is with me now and it's been so comforting to have her by my side after 3 years. I feel a renewed sense of contentment which truly rejoices in the simple things; being able to move , speak, breathe, eat, urinate, sit in a toilet and defecate, be able to shower even if it's laying down (thanks to nurses) seeing the people I love, feeling warmth and love in my chest as I read messages, comments and audios of support from people who loves me and/or appreciates me, I can now clearly see angels on Earth and I am so extremely grateful

I have cried lots and smiled too, I am at peace, I accept what happened fully and know that the Universe has a divine plan for me through this.

Wishing you all a Blessed end of the year and start of 2023!

The road to recovery will be slow and classes will continue without me for a few months, it seems that we can fly back to the UK early January, our hospital bills are huge, we did not have insurance and the costs seem to increase by day

If you'd like to help us by sharing the link or donating to our JustGiving page , know that no amount is too little when we unite <3

The funds will help us cover the costs of hospital bills (which now exceed 60K)

with so much love, gratitude and eagerness to see you in the new year,

Amor Armitage


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