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Embody Wellness

Nurture & Nature

Yoga Weekend in Somerset

When: 3rd to 5th April, 2020

Where: Lower Coxbridge House, Somerset

Join me for an intimate yoga retreat, a weekend of yoga in the beautiful and powerfully charged Somerset near the mystical Glastonbury!

A blissful way to enter your weekend, packed with activities that aim in making you feel vibrant, alive, deeply connected to yourSelf and your purpose. 

A weekend to eat well, rest well, move and breathe mindfully and to connect with nature. We will collect the purest spring water from the chalice well to drink throughout our stay too and by the end of the retreat, you will feel recharged, loved-up, freer in your body and mind and lighter in your Soul.


During this weekend, if anyone would like to adopt some Ayurvedic self-care rituals, there will be guidance to do so (oil pulling, jala neti, abhyanga massage) in order to enhance the sense of well-being as we care for all aspects of who we are. 

Last 2 spaces available!! To reserve your spot, a deposit of £120 is required


4:00pm: Arrivals and settling into your new space

4:45 Welcome snacks and drink

5.15: Pranayama, meditation, and therapeutic yin

6:30: Yoga Nidra (relaxation)