200 Hours Part-Time Yoga Teacher Training Course 2021

The TTC will consist of two modules of 100 hours each

- The first module will be for those who want to deepen their practices and build a strong foundation to practice confidently at home and create your own flow sequences. 

- The second module will be aimed to those who want to become vinyasa yoga teachers


If you're interested in attending, please fill out the form by clicking here to take your preferences into consideration. 

Module I (5 weekends + One  Friday evening) & Module II sessions  will run for 11 weekends once monthly (+ 2 Friday evening sessions)

This TTC is designed to deliver a holistic approach to yoga that encompasses not just learning about the asanas (postures) but also the many other aspects of yoga: pranayama (breathing practices), meditation, and yogic philosophy in order to adopt yoga as a way of living rather than a practice that is done on a mat during a specific period of time.


Conducted over 11 weekends with students attending 2 days each month + 2 Friday evenings within those 11 months, this non-residential training allows you to truly integrate what you learn each month and complete the online aspects in between the training sessions without having to try learn the vastness of yogic studies in a month! 

This part-time program enables those with busy lives, and other family and/or work commitments to complete a training in a flexible way. 

The price of the course includes all training sessions and the manual. It does not include any accommodation or meals.

Course Content 200 Hours TTC (Module I & II)


  • Asana Techniques and Alignment

  • Pranayama , Meditation, Mudra & Mantra





  • Teaching Methodology

  • Cueing movement & pace of class with effective communication.

  • Sequencing for group and private classes (vinyasa krama, wave, alignment-based practices)



  • Fundamentals of Functional Anatomy, Physiology & Yoga Biomechanics

  • Adjustments for standing postures, floor poses, basic inversions and backbends, including enhancements and use of props.

  • Subtle Anatomy including the chakra system, nadis, koshas, prana vayus and bandha.

  • Modifications and variations of poses




  • Yoga Philosophy, Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads.

  • History of Yoga, Roots of vinyasa and modern yoga

  • Soulful Theming using ancient wisdom in modern times

  • Intro into Ayurveda and the gunas

  • Lifestyle & Ethics for Yoga Teachers

  • The Business of Yoga






  • Observing, Assisting, Assignment Presentations 

  • Sequencing for different needs

  • Teaching one to one and group class

The weekends of training will consist of an intensive program covering a broad range of fascinating subjects aimed at deepening your understanding of the vastness and richness of all that is yoga. 

1)  Pre-course preparation

The preparation / study for the Part Time Teacher Training Course begins at least 4 weeks before course commencement date. You will complete approx 30 hours of online and self study. This will include completing some pre-course reading and assignments.

2)  Studio Sessions

Over the 11 weekends you will attend 2 days each monthly weekend for practical and lecture sessions on :

How to find your voice and let your personality shine through your teachings


Embodying yoga through an understanding of yoga philosophy


Giving classes meaning through themes 


How to recognise different morphology and adapt to suit your students’ needs 


How to sequence classes coherently and making them suitable for beginners and intermediate students


Designing classes including wave, mandala, krama vinyasa and alignment-based sequencing principles.


Teaching with clear verbal instruction, demonstration and hands-on-adjustments.


How to provide modifications (regressions and progressions) taking into consideration practitioners needs and/or requirements.


How to teach yoga in a functional and safe way by understanding alignment principles,  physiology, biomechanics and morphological differences.

Deepening your practice of asana, pranayama and meditation by increasing your understanding and awareness.


How to create harmonious and balanced practices by understanding the role of ayurveda, chakras, koshas, kleshas and prana vayus on our bodies/minds/emotions/spirit.


Chanting mantras and using mudras.


The role of the bodily systems (nervous, cardiovascular, endocrine, digestive, respiratory) affected in a yoga practice and how to use these to benefit students.


Part C: Online and practical

Part C consists of observing 3 classes of different styles with different teachers, maintaining your yoga practice by attending at least 3 yoga classes a week and keeping a logging sheet signed by your teacher. 


Groundwork ~ Preparing the soil & Planting the seed

Get to know the foundations of yoga philosophy, get to know “the seed,” the history,  methodology and evolution of vinyasa yoga and pave a stable ground for a life-long practice. 


Here, you will learn about anatomy and physiology and how to teach the foundational postures of vinyasa yoga skilfully and safely, adapting the practices to your or your students’ needs. 


Integration ~ Create the Conditions

Once the ground and your understanding of foundational postures has grown, and the roots have started to settle, you will create steady foundations for your new life-long practice, integrating functional movement principles to support long-term mobility, strength and flexibility for you and your students while also tending the energetic dimensions of the practice to support mental health and overall well-being. 


Observation ~ Tending the Seed

This module allows you to strengthen your relationship to meditation and breathing patterns which will result in greater clarity, confidence, a sharper sense of awareness and understanding of yourSElf. The tending of the seed with patience can take time but it is this cultivation of acute attentiveness that allows us to embody yoga with the awareness of the physical, mental and emotional patterns that either block the flow of energy or enhance it. 


During this module, we will become clearer of our habitual patterns within our yoga practice and lives and we will be able to observe with an enhanced focus how to correct or adapt to healthier practices/habits.


Asssisting ~ Supporting the Sprout

Part of being a great yoga teacher that sets you apart from the rest is being able to understand and work with your students’ individual practices and soulfully care for their wellbeing. 


During this module, you’ll learn:


  • Sequencing, planning a class taking into consideration your intention based on students physical/mental and or emotional needs and group variables. 

  • The art of assisting and enhancing postures safely, functionally and confidently in order to to reap the fruits of the practice.


Blossom ~ Let the True You Shine

Once you have deepened your practice, and have a greater understanding of the inner works of yoga and yoga has become an essential part of your life, it will be time to start sharing this practice with others from your own experience. You will be able to craft classes that supports well-being and cares for the true blossoming of your students. 

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