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           Ashtanga Vinyasa Foundation Workshop

Day: Sunday 13th March

15:00 - 17:30


Location: Popley Spotlight Centre, RG24 9P



Cost: £15

Ashtanga Vinyasa Foundation Workshop

This 2 and a half hours workshop is the perfect place for new students to start and for old practitioners to build a strong foundation in their practice. Learn the postures of Sun Salutation A and B, and warrior postures with correct alignment, breath, technique and appropriate modifications. 


Every participant will receive individual attention taking time to explain all movements, showing variations to meet every age, shape and level of fitness. 


During the workshop you will learn the fundamentals of breath with movement as we flow through each posture that make up the Sun Salutations, as well as proper alignment for your shoulders, chest, and arms while also learning to protect your knees and lower back.


The purpose of the class is to build a strong foundation to your yoga practice, whether you just started or are an avid practitioner =)


A healthy long lasting practice starts with the knowledge of how to move safely and consciously through these postures. If done incorrectly, over time, injuries can occur and no one wants that! This is a fantastic chance to find out how to tailor your practice to suit your individual needs. Everyone is different but we’re all after the same things. Healthy bodies and minds! 




The workshop will start with the yoga theory and a demo, followed by a practice that will end with a relaxing and soothing Yoga Nidra (Guided meditation/ yogic sleep). After that, we’ll spend some time off the mat enjoying tea, homemade treats and a chat! =)


Cost £25. Full payment is required to book your place; please message me for details.


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