200 Hours Part-Time Yoga Teacher Training 2021

If you want to learn something, read about it. If you want to understand something, write about it. If you want to master something, teach it.”

― Yogi Bhajan


What you have been wishing for is now at your disposal; a supportive, welcoming and comprehensive  200hr Yoga TTC at your doorstep on a part-time basis. All this in an inspiring environment where you can learn and grow 


  • Personal Transformation

  • Comprehensive Curriculum

  • Improve your practice & understanding of yoga

  • Flexible schedule that fits your life

  • Ongoing support during training

  • 50% discount on class bundles

  • Interest free payment plans

  • Internationally recognized certification 

The TTC will consist of two modules

- MODULE I: Suitable for those who want to deepen their practices and build a strong foundation to practice confidently at home and create your own flow sequences. 

- MODULE II: will be aimed to those who want to become certified vinyasa yoga teachers. 


If you're interested in attending, please fill out the form by clicking here and select your preferences. 

Module I: 5 weekends + 2 (3 hours) Bonus workshops

Module II sessions will run for 10 weekends once monthly (+ 2 Friday evenings sessions)

This Course is designed to deliver a holistic approach to yoga that encompasses not just learning about the asanas (postures) but also the many other aspects of yoga: pranayama (breathing practices), meditation, kriyas and yogic philosophy in order to adopt yoga as a way of living rather than a practice that is done on a mat during a specific period of time


Groundwork ~ Preparing the soil & Planting the seed

Get to know the foundations of yoga philosophy, “the seed,” the history,  methodology and evolution of vinyasa yoga while deepening your understanding of yoga, as well as your physical, and breathing practice.  


Here, you will learn about the anatomy & physiology for foundational yoga postures which will enable you to teach safely, adapting the practices to your or your students’ needs, paving the way for a stable, life-long practice. 


Integration ~ Create the Conditions

Once the ground and your understanding of foundational postures has grown, and your "roots" have started to settle, you will learn the art of skilful sequencing integrating functional movement principles to support long-term mobility, strength and flexibility for you and your students while also tending the energetic dimensions of the practice to support mental health and overall well-being. 


Observation ~ Tending the Seed

This module allows you to strengthen your relationship to meditation and breathing patterns which will result in greater clarity, confidence, a sharper sense of awareness and more refined understanding of yourSElf. The tending of the seed can take time, but it is this cultivation of acute attentiveness that allows us to embody yoga with the awareness of the physical, mental and emotional patterns that either block the flow of energy or enhance it. 


With an sharper focus, we will be able to adapt our practices to suit healthier habits


Asssisting ~ Supporting the Sprout

Part of being a great yoga teacher that sets you apart from the rest is being able to understand and work with your students’ individual practices and soulfully care for their wellbeing. 


During this module, you’ll learn:


  • Creating a class plan taking into consideration your students physical/mental /emotional needs as well as group variables. 

  • The art of assisting and enhancing postures safely, functionally and confidently in order to to reap the fruits of the practice.


Blossom ~ Let the True You Shine

Once you have acquired a greater set of tools and understanding of the inner works of the different practices available, it will be time to start sharing this practice with others. You will be able to craft classes that support  well-being and  encourage the true blossoming of your students. 

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