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Chocolate Pudding

I Finally took the time to share with you the recipe I used to make the chocolate puddings for my workshops =) I know a few people enjoyed this simple pudding so now you can make it at home <3 You are welcome!! =)

To make this pudding, you could actually put a mixture of your favourite sweet flavours in some a litre of milk, add 2 teaspoons of agar agar, place in pot, boil, transfer into pots and done!

If you would like your pudding with a base like mine, you can always start by making the base first =)


- 1/2 tsp cinnamon powder

- 1 tsp vanilla essence

- 2 dates (or to taste)

- 2 tbsp of organic cocoa powder (or to taste)

- 1 chocolate bar of choice, I used a small Ombar

- 1 can coconut milk

- 1 Chocolate milk carton (330ml)

-Approx 300ml of oat or any milk of choice.

- 2 tsp of agar agar (for 1 litre of milk)


Place all ingredients in blender and blend for 1 minute. Try out its taste and see if there is anything you would like more of, this is important as some people like more chocolate, some less, embrace your unique taste and go for it!

Pour mixture into a pot, and bring to boil stirring often.

Let it cool down and set aside.

NOTE: You can also transfer into dessert cups and skip the base =)


- 400 grams of mixed nuts (I got mixed nuts package from Lidl)

- Approx 10 Organic Medjool dates. (Got them at Tesco)

Method: Place dates and nuts in food processor and process until ingredients have blended together. Then, add this mixture to the base of a leakproof interlocking cake pan, pressing the mixture firmly and evenly onto the base. Once the chocolate mixture has cooled down slightly, pour the mixture on top of the solid base, and let it cool down until it sets.

Once the pudding has set, you can add shredded coconut on top or sliced strawberries to garnish =)

Hope you like it !! Let me know if you have any questions when you give this recipe a go! Enjoy!! <3

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