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Sweet sushi roll

A little treat to spoil your friends and family and make them feel loved-up =)


Rice Filling (Optional choices)

- 500 grs of sushi rice - 1 Mango

- Nori sheets - Raspberry

- Apple cider vinegar - Strawberry

- Brown sugar - Maple or Agave syrup

- Coconut Milk

- Cinammon sticks


Cook sushi rice following the instructions of the package. If you don’t have instructions, wash rice throughly until water is clear, put rice into a pot, use coconut milk instead of water, or a combination of the two, for each cup of rice, not double as would normally do, add a cinnamon stick to it and allow coconut oil to boil in high heat, lower heat and simmer for 20 minutes.

Place rice into big bowl so that it cools down.

Chop any fruits of your choice

Slice thin layers of mango and spread evenly on a piece of cling wrap, create two layers as shown in the photo and cover completely with the wrap ( you can set in the fridge for a few minutes while you prepare other ingredients).

Then open up cling wrap and place nori on top of the mango wrap, you can add rice and any fruits, perhaps with a splash of agave or maple syrup. don’t go too big with the filling!

I used strawberries, cacao nibs and cinnamon powder.

Roll as you would normally do, leaving the bottom cling film on while you roll, and then cutting each piece with the film on, you can take it out once it’s been cut.

You can blend some fruits and add a fruit sauce on top of sushi to serve, you could even melt some chocolate and cover with chocolate, choices are endless, make it your own =) Enjoy!

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