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Stuffed Mushrooms


- 1/2 tsp of coconut oil

- 1 small onion chopped in small squares

-1 garlic clove grated

- Small chunk of ginger grated (roughly 1 tsp)

- 100 gr of soya cream cheese

- 1 tbsp of soya sauce (or to taste)

- A quarter yellow and red pepper chopped in small squares.

- 200 gr of mushrooms (of any size!)


Pour coconut oil to a non-stick pan, let it heat up, add garlic and ginger and fry stirring for a minute or two.

Add onions and fry for a few minutes until onion softens up, add peppers and soya sauce continue to fry for another couple of minutes (the frying time will depend on the size of your chopped veggies, small squares will need less cooking time).

Once they are all a bit soft, add the cream cheese.

Remove the stems out of the mushrooms, leaving the cap hollow, place all the mushrooms an oven-proof tray. Then use a small spoon to fill each mushroom cap with the creamy stuffing. Pre-heat oven for 5 minutes and then lace on and bake at 180ª for about 5 to 10 minutes (depending on size of mushrooms)

Garnish with coriander leaves or crushed walnuts =) Enjoy!

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