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Sun, 24 Mar


Lychpit Community Hall - Old Basing and

Meridians, Yin Yoga & Yoga Nidra for WORRY ~ Spleen & Stomach

An opportunity to explore the effect of emotions in our bodies and how we can better equip ourselves to prevent dis-ease in all aspects of our lives. These workshops will help you understand yourself a bit deeper with the ancient wisdom of Traditional Chinese medicine, yin yoga and yoga nidra.

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Meridians, Yin Yoga & Yoga Nidra for WORRY ~ Spleen & Stomach
Meridians, Yin Yoga & Yoga Nidra for WORRY ~ Spleen & Stomach

Time & Location

24 Mar 2019, 11:30 – 14:00

Lychpit Community Hall - Old Basing and , Great Binfields Rd, Lychpit, Basingstoke RG24 8TF, UK


About The Event

Connecting the Dots ~ The ripple effect of emotions (energy in motion) in our Bodies

Throughout our lives, we experience a wide range of emotions that are caused by a certain stimulus, these emotions create a response in the chemistry of our bodies. Depending on the emotions that arise, we will impact the body positively or negatively since the quality of the emotions will affect specific organs directly and this has been known in Chinese medicine for thousands of years. Emotions and physical health are intimately connected!

The ancient Chinese discovered a ‘subtle’ free-flowing energy in the body known as Qi or Chi) that sustains all life. Qi runs along energy channels called ‘meridians’ which connect all the organs and systems in the body. Organ systems are part of our holistic body system and are each inter-related. Qi needs to be balanced, flow freely and not become stagnated or obstructed. Unfortunately, stress and anxiety can overload the body’s circuit to create energy blockages, so if the natural flow is impeded in any way - disease can develop.

TCM uses observations on the outside to understand what is going on in the inside.

Once one or several organ meridian systems are identified as ‘over’ or ‘under’ active, the necessary adjustments can be made to restore balance and harmony across the entire body.

Emotions of fear affect the reproductive organs, the kidneys and adrenals. You might have seen a child that gets really scared and can wet themselves . Fear directly affects the bladder and the kidneys, causing that to happen. Emotions of frustration and/or anger are toxic to the liver. If somebody is experiencing the emotions of grief, sadness and depression, that affects the colon and the lungs which is your immune system. If somebody has anxiety and nervousness, it affects the heart, small intestine and the nervous system and if someone is constantly worried, it affects the spleen, pancreas and stomach. In a nutshell, specific emotions drive disease into specific organs. Taking care of the emotional aspect of health is just as important (if not more important) than just treating the physical symptoms that’s why we are bringing these workshops to you all with the purpose of understanding the ripple effects of emotions and how we can take better care of them, and be able to prevent and/or treat physical conditions and ailments.

During these workshops, you will be provided with

- An easy to understand explanation of the meridian system and their location on the body.

-Tastes, times of the day and season for each meridian pair of organs.

- The role of emotions on the health of our organs.

- Healing Techniques such as acupressure points and Tapping points for different emotions.

- Yin yoga postures that target the different meridian pathways in order to enhance health and free flow of chi in them.

These workshops will be 2 hours and a half and each one will be carried out once a month. Each workshop will target a pair of meridians with their corresponding emotions.

The first hour of the workshop will be conversational and didactic and it will give enough room for questions and answers.

The second hour will consist of yin yoga postures that can help strengthen or stimulate the meridian channels/myofascial lines and you will learn how to prop yourself up, how long to stay in each posture and which postures suit you best depending on how you’re feeling, so that you can become your own teacher!

We will finish off with a guided relaxation known as “yoga nidra” (yogic sleep) followed by some tea and light nibbles.

You will take home a handout with information about the different emotions and their correspondent meridian pair along with the different techniques given during the workshop including the yin yoga postures so that you can practice them at home whenever you feel it’s needed =)

24th March: WORRY ~ Spleen & Stomach

07th April: GRIEF~ Lungs & Large intestine + JOY ~ Heart & small intestine

This workshop is for anyone who would like to practice with more understanding <3

Investment: £ 35 each module if booked individually

Discounted priced if booking all 4 modules : £120 (can be paid in 2 or 3 instalments as long as all is paid before 25th January)

About us:

Ana Marcela is a trained acupuncturist with a broad knowledge of healing techniques, which include acupuncture, cupping, crystal therapy and naturopathy. Her studies in holistic therapies began in 2005 while living in Spain where she studied energetic therapies for 3 years which included crystal healing, reiki, bach flowers and acupressure. She obtained her first certification in 2008 and has been working as a holistic therapist since then.

Followed by this, she decided to pursue a career in Naturopathic Acupuncture in London, which also led her to China where she did clinical studies during her practicum, graduating in 2012.

Amor is an experienced 500 hours registered yoga teacher. A student of all that is yoga for over 10 years and sharing practices of (krama) vinyasa yoga, mindful movements, breathing techniques and yin yoga. She holds two certifications in yin yoga which studies included eastern philosophy, teaching methodology, energetic and physical anatomy, study of meridians/myofascial lines from an eastern and western approach to energy/piezoelectricity. Amor is a passionate yoga instructor who lives what she preaches and tries to give her students not only a somatic experience but a sensorial and mental one through the use of class themes, affirmations, sounds and yoga nidra.

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  • Single Workshop

    This includes the price of one workshop £35 + £1 Transaction Fee. If you would like to transfer money directly and skip transaction fee, please transfer payment to Amor Armitage Account number 57450068 Sort code 309897 Lloyds bank

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  • 2 Workshops of your choice

    This ticket entitles you two two workshops of your choice that you can select on the form This includes the price £60+ £2 Transaction Fee. If you would like to transfer money directly and skip transaction fee, please transfer payment to Amor Armitage Account number 57450068 Sort code 309897 Lloyds bank

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