Farewell to the old me

As we approach the end of the year, I wanted to share this writing I saw on social media which was originally written in Spanish and whose author is unknown. No matter what the season or time of the year, it is always helpful to be thankful for every stage of our lives, leaving behind what's no longer needed and trusting the divine plan

A farewell prayer to everything I was

To everything I once was, thank you

To every part of me that ceased to exist, thank you

To my fulfilled past, thank you

To my forgotten parts, left in places I no longer remember, thank you

To the parts in me that once broke into a thousand pieces to never be found again, thank you

To the empty parts in me that I once tried to fill up with distractions, attachments and obsessions, thank you

To the parts in me that were frustrated and angry due the unaccomplished desires, thank you

To the parts in me that don’t align with my purpose and don’t even make sense, thank you

To the parts in me that I neither loved nor embraced, thank you

To that within me that didn’t dare to set boundaries due to fear of rejection, thank you

To the parts in me that I mistreated and allowed others to do the same , thank you

Today I give my farewell to you, I thank your passing through my life, since it is all these versions of me that I am truly grateful for. Farewell ... Fully surrendered, I release everything already had its time… It is thanks to all of those little deaths that today there’s new space for opportunity, life and creation …

Thank you life and thank you death for dancing harmoniously in me. Today I celebrate life and I sing loudly to this new re-birth. And to those deceased parts in me. I embrace, love, honour, thank and farewell them. As they were the best I could do for me in that moment and place, hence, I don’t judge them, but I give them all my respect instead.

It is for this reason that today I feel, more than ever, that I can be reborn , just like spring, I am reborn, bare and with no shields, shields aren’t necessary anymore, as I welcome authenticity in all its light. I allow myself to embrace life, today stronger than ever, to take my first vital breath in this new birth

Dear and beloved old me,

You fulfilled your part

Thank you

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