Pasta with Avocado Sauce

September 1, 2015



This organic wholewheat fusilli pasta with Avocado Sauce was so yummy and easy to make!







- 2 ripe avocados
- A handful of basil leaves
- 2 garlic cloves 
- Salt & Pepper to taste


- Pasta of your choice ( I used organic wholewheat fusilli)
- Plum or cherry tomatoes
- Nuts of your choice to garnish, I used unsalted cashew nuts =|)












For the sauce, mix all ingredients in a food processor and add either a little tiny bit of water or tomato juice (I used the juice of the tomatoes that came out when I cut them in halves). Then follow instructions for pasta. When pasta is ready, mix with the sauce, and add tomatoes and ground nuts on top =)

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